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Phoebe Tree of Life Necklace - Swarovski Collection

Phoebe Tree of Life Necklace - Swarovski Collection

Handcrafted and Unique Jewel

Tree of life in pearl of Swarovki crystals of several shades: orange, yellow, dark red, transparent.


Each color has a symbolism and meaning:


Orange is an invigorating color that infuses a dose of good humor.

It is often associated with creativity and communication, because it is true that it brings optimism and open-mindedness.


Red is a color closely linked to love. We lend him more affinity with the passionate love of the beginnings and the sensuality that ensues.

The meaning of the color red in love means that it is also associated with seduction and charm .

It is also the color of courage

The symbolism of red allows you to transmit a certain energy and display your determination


The necklace is adjustable finished with a flat knot.
The cord is lined with dark brown waxed cotton thread.
The rings are golden and its diameter is: 3.5cm

Made in Paris. Creation of handcrafted jewelry.

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