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Pink Opal Tree of Life Necklace

Pink Opal Tree of Life Necklace

Handcrafted Tree of Life necklace in semi-precious stone bead of pink opal with a Tibetan silver om sign bead.

The "Om" symbol:

From a Hindu point of view, this syllable represents the original, primordial sound, from which the Universe would have been structured.

This syllable would be the sum and the substance of the sound of the Universe.

The pink opal stone:

Considered as the "queen of precious stones" by Shakespeare, is a stone of peace and tranquility.

Like other opals, it brings inspiration, imagination and creativity.

It can help release inhibitions and bring sweet dreams. It also facilitates the change process.

She is particularly known for her energies in healing emotions.

The pink Opal stone testifies to the mood of the wearer.

The Pink Opal will greatly develop psychic abilities and a better understanding of hidden or unexplained things.

It is useful for people who are too demanding of themselves, perfectionists, even tyrannical. The pink opal learns to love and accept itself as it is.


Purification Pink opal: Pure water.

Recharging: Night, dawn

The cord is lined with dark brown waxed cotton thread and is adjustable with a flat knot.

The rings are silver and its diameter is: 3.5cm

Made in Paris. Creation of handcrafted jewelry by Jungle Lou

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