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Jade Tree of Life Necklace

Jade Tree of Life Necklace

Tree of life necklace made of semi-precious Jade stone bead.

Handcrafted and Unique.

Virtues of Jade:

An emblem of perfection and immortality, jade was considered by the Chinese to be a panacea for healing all words and prolonging life.
Therefore this stone would be used to support adversity and great conflicts.

It is also the stone of the Buddha symbol of the quiet force it represents serenity in the middle of storms.

Finally it is a great stone to be successful my love.

Combats emotional instability.
Calms aggressiveness.
Awakens love and respect for life.
Inspire loyalty and honesty.
Promotes premonitory dreams.
Strengthens and deepens the bonds of the heart.
Help with meditation.
Fights chronic fatigue.
Allows understanding of others.


Jade Purification: Pure salt, salt water, pure water.

Recharging: Sun, full day.

The necklace cord is lined with waxed brown thread and is adjustable with a flat knot.
The rings are silver with patterns (see photograph) and its diameter is: 3.5cm

Creation of handcrafted and unique jewelry by Jungle Lou

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