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Tree of Life Necklace Turquoise & Feathers

Tree of Life Necklace Turquoise & Feathers

Brought back from Turkey by the Crusaders in the Middle Ages, this stone which bears the name of turquoise has for millennia worldwide exceptional virtues.


Since then, a pilgrim would never have ventured on a journey without it.


From the Aztecs to the Pharaohs each civilization adopted it as a talisman to absorb negative energies and, by its purifying effect, to establish peace and joy.

Pen symbol:

In Native American culture, the feather is a sacred and spiritual object.
They symbolize courage and strength.
Today, the pen is more akin to intelligence and elevation of the mind.
Very often, the latter is assimilated to creativity.

This varies depending on the animal chosen: the owl: intelligence, the eagle: bravery, the peacock: beauty ....

Turquoise Purification: Pure water.

Recharging: Twilight, night.


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