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"Glam Flowery" tunic

"Glam Flowery" tunic

In the inspiration of the four seasons of Vivaldi on the floral theme of spring here is the Tunic "Glam Flowery"

The neckline is embroidered with seed beads. The waist is marked by a purple sequined braid. A bucket flounce highlights the hips.
Two discreet sequined butterflies fly off the front.

This lovely tunic will exalt your romantic mood.

Size 40

Creation: Jungle Lou

DA / Hairstylist: Youri Yue _ 100% natural color

MUA: Christelle Hanifia
Model: Nathalie

Accessories / B ijoux: Fovea

Photographer: David Sursin

Made / transformed in France in Paris by Jungle Lou, each model is a unique piece.

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