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Tree of Life Candelia Necklace - Swarovski Collection

Tree of Life Candelia Necklace - Swarovski Collection

Handcrafted and Unique Jewel

Tree of life in pearl of Swarovski crystals of several tones; orange, light yellow, light purple, transparent, Two small drop-shaped beads on each side.

Each color has a symbolism and meaning:

Orange is an invigorating color that infuses a dose of good humor.
It is often associated with creativity and communication, because it is true that it brings optimism and open-mindedness.

Purple is the color par excellence of dreamers, of spiritual people.
It has soothing virtues on minds; it allows you to calm certain emotions, curb anger or anxiety ...
One of its shades, mauve, further accentuates this reassuring and serene side.

The necklace is adjustable finished with a flat knot.
The cord is lined with black waxed cotton thread.
The rings are silver and its diameter is: 3.5cm

Made in Paris. Creation of handcrafted jewelry.

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