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Tree of Life Heart Amethyst / Moonstone

Tree of Life Heart Amethyst / Moonstone

Cultivate your universal love by displaying this tree of life set in the setting of a heart.


Formerly the stone of gods and goddesses in India, the Moonstone, prized for its diaphanous reflections, has become in many countries the symbol of femininity and love. He is credited with many virtues: gentleness, intuition, imagination.


Combined with the shiny Amethyst, symbol of temperance, it has a beneficial effect on harmony and spirituality.


Amethyst Purification: Pure salt, salt water, pure water.

Recharging: Twilight and night.


Moonstone Purification: Pure water.

Recharging: Sun, night.


All about my trees of life:


Creation of handcrafted and unique jewelry by Jungle Lou

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